Apple Releases Revamped Music App | Phone Monki

This morning Apple released iOS 8.4. While it includes other updates, the revamp of Apple’s music app is particularly newsworthy. Known as Apple Music and Beats 1, the music app is a 24/7 live radio station.

The service is a blend of Apple’s iTunes and Beats Music, which Apple acquired for $3 billion last year. The principal of a paid subscription to Apple Music is that you can listen to almost any track or album whenever you want, as if it was already apart of your music library. If you cancel your subscription, the only tracks you can play in your Music app are those that you own.

When you first sign up, you are asked to tap circles of genres. Tap once on a genre you like, twice on one you love. You can also tap and hold to remove any you do not like. Next, you tap on your favorite artists. Additionally, instead of purchasing individual songs, Apple Music subscribers can tap a button to add any song or playlist to their existing music library. Apple then uses your choices, as well as the music you’ve purchased in iTunes, to recommend playlists and albums. These recommendations show up in a “For You” section. Users can also select from several playlists that fit general topics such as “chilling out” and “cooking.”

All of your selections can be downloaded to play on your phone or tablet while offline.

One drawback? With Apple Music, you can’t easily differentiate between the songs you’re “renting” as part of your subscription and those that you already own. However, if you still prefer the iTunes model to buy music, the iTunes store remains open.

You can try Apple Music for free for three months. After the trial ends, pricing starts at $9.99 per month for individual users, and $14.99 per month for group plans. Group plans include Family Sharing, which can include up to six users.

You can start experimenting with the app today. At Phone Monki, we’ve already set up an account – so let us know if you have any questions, or need any recommendations in the comment section below. We’re happy to help.